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E-learning solutions


E-LEARNING MÉTODO SOLUTIONS 3.0 (EMS 3.0) is a package of tools for virtual training. When a new online course is launched, it is necessary to have a platform that contains all the necessary content for the training. Método has developed an innovative e-learning solution that can adapt to the current standards.

Our campus helps us to manage the courses in a comfortable and smooth way and has all the necessary technological resources that help us provide the best training experience. The platform is characterized by:

  • Navigation simplicity. We have focused on improving the user’s experience so that we can provide the student with the best possible learning environment.
  • Humanization of the e-learning. We have humanized the interface and focused on the interaction with the teacher to improve the relationship between the student and the tutor.
  • Personalized access roles. We have defined a limited number of users with distinct roles to delimit the activity of each one in the platform.
  • Modular content (scalability). It facilitates the reorganization of the content, the management of the resources and its variety. Its modular structure, helps reorganize (increase, decrease, correct, modify) the existing content.

Software development


After 15 years of developing new solutions, we have developed Gestem, our full solution for the training administration. It’s a multiuser and a multidevice application that can help you manage the training of unlimited number of students. It’s modular and flexible: you can set up profiles, permissions, accesses, and the different modules according to your needs.

Among its multiple uses, we can highlight 3 products:


  • Management of all documentation generated and provided by the students.
  • Control of the training process of the students: their progress, milestone...
  • Development and integration of APIs.


It is a tool for managing files in the cloud so that your team members can instantly synchronize and share data from any device in a fast, reliable and secure way.

CLOUDM offers you an exclusive cloud for your company, with a powerful management control to protect the information in your organization.

All these products are used without a hardware, only a web navigator and internet access.

Apps and web development


It’s our service for consultancies, design, development and web maintenance.

We analyse your business, learn about the product that you want to transmit and design the web page that best suits you, it’s that simple.

It’s essential for us that each user has a unique and satisfactory experience when he uses the web from any device.


Materialize your mobile application project with us, with our consultancy service, design and application development and our team, we create easy-to-use application that are attractive to the user. Developments in specific or multiplatforms for any smartphone or even smartwatch.

What application do you need to create? Método has the solution for you.

Método Lab


Continuous improvement, research and development are part of Método’s DNA.

We are a company with a technological soul, focused on finding tools to improve any learning process or innovative solutions for your company, by adapting to the technologies that surround us every day.

Augmented Reality , Virtual Reality , Artificial Intelligence, Big Data are currently being investigated and applied in Método Labs as the next elearning tool.

Our goal is to create training solutions using these technologies in a way that is transparent to you, you enjoy its benefits without worrying about the technology itself.

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