national and international

Project management consultancy

We offer a complete service of consultancy and technical assistance in the preparation, presentation and management of individual and cooperation projects, financed by public, national and international fund.

We look for the necessary funding to develop initiatives and bring the projects of different organizations and institutions to reality.

In addition, we accompany our clients in all phases of the projects especially in the areas where our consultancy and know-how is well-needed:

  • Determining the right idea, problem analysis
  • Identifying the funding sources
  • Conducting economic feasibility studies
  • Identifying and coordinating the consortium
  • Designing and presenting proposals
  • Execution and follow up

International bidding

Método Consultancy participates in the international bidding market of multilateral organizations and funding institutions such as: The European commission, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, United Nations, among others. Our team has specialized in the following functions:

  • Detection of business opportunities
  • Prospecting missions
  • Promotion and visualization to organizations and multilateral institutes
  • Creating strategic strategy
  • Expression of interest presentations
  • Proposing offers
  • Project management

The bidding processes in which we have taken part, not only involve the main activities of the company, but can extend to the coordination and administration of the consortia especially in the technical and administrative areas that are required by these contracts.

Placement agencies

Our close relationship with the companies and our knowledge of the labour market has lead us to propose labour brokerage services, linking labour supply with labour demand.

The services that we offer are administered by a virtual service platform in which all the users – companies and unemployed- have access to the following services:

  • Initial diagnostic of the individual needs by evaluating profiles, aptitudes, knowledge and professional qualifications.
  • Elaboration of personalized insertion itineraries that include detection of training needs.
  • Brokerage service and professionalized assistance in work research.
  • Prospecting service of companies to understand its training and employment needs

We have been accredited as a Private placement agency by the Public State Employment Service in Spain with registry No. 9900000335.

Social investigation

We have a team of skilled professionals in the socio-labour investigation field. As a part of our job, in the socio-labour and market research, we have developed new investigation methods, that is characterized by being both qualitative and quantitative, and our work has been characterized by its high quality thanks to our team of collaborators, our network of pollsters and interviewers.

We have specialized in labour market studies, service quality assessment, studies of values and social trends.

We offer an investigation service that includes the following features:

  • Planning and execution of quantitative and qualitative fieldwork
  • Statistical processing of the produced information
  • Data analysis and reports presentations

The quantity and quality of the information produced has been used in the best benefit of the institutions and organizations of all types.