In your own time. Adult education guiadance counseling system

The iYOT project - in Your Own Time - is framed under the Erasmus + programme

The iYOT project aims to increase the capacity of adult education counsellors (and organizations offering different courses, training, lifelong learning and counselling services for adults) through rapid and effective access to guidance and information.

Five partners from five different countries of the European Union (Slovenia, Sweden, Austria, Portugal and Spain) will share their knowledge in the service of the project in order to develop a distance-counselling service that can meet the interests, skills and personal and occupational development of adults according to the user's available time (in your own time), which will be done under a web-based support system with an innovative mobile software.

Método will be the partner in charge, among other functions, to contribute with its knowledge on training technologies in the development of the mobile app that will serve as a support tool for counsellors as well as a communicative and educational tool for users.

Qualification and training