for individuals and companies

Quality formation represents a key element and success for any business and for professionals, as it provides expertise and capabilities that impact in the results, productivity, and success of organizations.

In Método we are at the forefront of training, we are leaders in the domestic market and we export training throughout the world. Why? Because we provide innovative learning solutions both in classroom and online learning, in which we develop and use the latest technology.

Training for companies

Programmed training for companies

All companies have a credit for an assigned training that can be used by cashing the quotes of the Social Security. This way, every company can have its own internal training plan almost without any additional cost. In Método group we offer you:

  • A team of experts to provide a full administration of the security quotes.
  • Direct cost savings for your company (including human resources).
  • Profitability study and optimizing the administration of the training credit.

Personal training

The in-company training has become a strategic element of success for any company. Trainings improve the talent, professional development and teamwork skills of the employees which contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the company.

For that reason, in Método Group, we have developed an on-campus tailored training programs according to each company’s strategy and we can adapt it to the specific needs of each organization.

We have an experienced team capable of detecting the needs of your company and creating a success proposal using our high-quality courses and a system of evaluation of results of the training project.

Are you a University?

Grupo Método accompanies you in the virtualization, impartation, management and commercialization of any eLearning course or master.

We offer you three products that come together as a single service. Online catalogue through our ecommerce solution Ecomet, advanced registration and student body managing system resolved by Gestem, and the implementation of the courses, graduates and virtual degrees from EMS 3.0, the integral solution of eLearning and technological resources that bring the traditional training to the virtual arena.

Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.